The Thing About Portuguese Men

Now, the thing about Portuguese men is ... they're kinda the same as any other men. Little boys in adult bodies. The do all the same stuff as a five year old would:
  • don't share their toys (tv remote)
  • leave their toys lying (man junk)
  • grumble when they're hungry (when's dinner?)
  • that kind of thing (no - really)
But with a fine prime piece of Portuguese manliness you also get a few added extras. Such as:
  • get thee behind me
  • jealousy that's like a creeping fog ... barely tangible but obvious
  • but women aren't equal to men querida, tambĂ©m?

A Portuguese man. This one chases balls

So you can imagine what fun it may be if you're married to one. Now, I'm not married to one but I do have one. Unfortunately for him, I'm not a Portuguese woman. Even worse, I'm a British woman.

I think I drive him mad.

My Portuguese man. He thinks he's Clint

Luckily for me, he's not like the rest of his Portuguese bro's. He's ... different. He doesn't quite share his toys (that's asking too much of any man) but he does share everything else. Plus I get to walk alongside him.

He, on the other hand, isn't quite so lucky. In both our opinions. Apparently I'm as stubborn as a ten-pack of mules. And I simply refuse to adapt (or is it adopt?) anything remotely resembling Portuguese womanliness (read: total acquiesence).

You see, the thing is, I was raised in a culture where all things are (supposed to be) equal. And even though in reality they're not, we girls fight for our rights. Our men largely acquiese to us. Otherwise they know they're hitting the office on Monday mornings looking like crisp bags and wearing odd socks.

In the grand scheme of things, both of us are very happy with the other. I believe in best working practice in all things and he is simply lovely.

But for sure, he's definitely more grey since he met me ...


Justina F. Lee said...

I recently made friends with a guy from Brazil and he speaks portugese. But I have come to realize that he is very touchy feely, but not in a perverted sense, but a very gentle respectful way. When he talks to you, he gets really close to your face. I'm Canadian so I'm not used to this behavior. But I love different cultures so hey, if you must be close when you talk, that's cool with me.

Today however, he came to me and were were talking and while we were in a conversation he would just take my hand and start caressing it, WHILE TALKING. NOW i'm confused. Is this behavior a cultural thing? or is he somewhat interested. It didn't look like he was trying to be romantic, he just took one of my hands with both of his and started to caress it.

Anonymous said...

Dont compare some monkey brazilian to us portuguese please.

Anonymous said...

im dominican and dominican guys will do the same thing that ur brazilian friend does! LOL! dominican republic is in the Caribbean so the culture is similar...idk why? as long as he's not creepy then its ok i think...but strange i know

Anonymous said...

i hve a portugese guy and he wants that he will be the one i will marry but i saw girls still texting he serious about marriage?im confused