Portuguese Politics

I have a dream. To get into Portuguese politics. Or at least get close enough to central government that I can rub shoulders with Socrates (Prime Minister) and have a word with him.

Socrates - my soon to be new best friend.

First - I want to see a sweeping change to the way the portuguese pronounce words. No more 'shushing' on the esses, no swallowing of random vowels. And absolutley no rolling of the rrrrrr's. I'm sick of needing to hawk and spit in the street everytime I try to say 'rua' or 'rapido'.

Further, something needs to be done about customer services. It is not ok to enter a bank/shop/chemist/anything, patiently wait your turn and then engage the teller/assistant/pharmacist in a conversation about your next door neighbours husband's brother's wife's strange affinity for late night strip poker parties. Whilst the husband's asleep.

Uma Galão - coffee with milk in a glass

And while I'm finding fault, what's with the attitude everytime I ask for a meia de leit? Yes, it contains milk and yes, the English drink it by the gallon. But pardon me for pointing out one little fact - it's exactly the same as the national morning drink of Portugal - uma galão. So get over yourself café owners.

Before I become best friends with Socrates.

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