Oi Menina!

Of late - and partially due to my new found confidence in entering shops (and the like) and not making a complete fool of myself (only a partial one) - I've discovered a delightful little fact ... I'm always addressed as a 'menina'.

Which directly translates as beautiful young woman.


It actually means 'young woman' or 'girl' but I'll take it without the beautiful, thankyou. The fact that anyone views me as a young anything always has me grinning like a chesire cat and thinking I'm something I'm not. Which is the young part.

Still, I'm nothing if not gracious and always accept my newly adopted title with good grace.

However, according to MPM, it's simply because I don't wear a wedding ring. Fortunately I don't believe everything he tells me and I'm going to continue to feel flattered and make sure I spend more time in the butchers, bank, chemists.

The flower shop ... the bakers ...

And here's another Lisbon picture. Just because.

Marques De Pombal - looking towards downtown Lisbon

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