Nothing Really ...

This really is nothing really.

I just wanted to share that I'd been buggering about trying to create a signature and a favicon for my blog. I gave up on the favicon - not because I can't do it, rather it's because I don't like what it is I keep creating. I'm kind of nerdy and can (and do) follow instructions. I just don-t like the results of my efforts. Call me a perfectionist.

But I like my 'stuff' to look intentional, not accidental.

And while I'm on the subject, I've been working offpage too. Technorati no less. They've asked (yes ... they've asked me - meaning at the least, they acknowledge my existance. Which is more than can be said for those that keep forgetting me at Christmas. You know who you are ... ) to put this little code on my blog.

So here you go Technorati - QTNAJUNRTER5 - that visible enough for you? And thanks by the way. Cool site you have, very blingy :)

You know, I'd sit here and try and translate what that code might actually mean. But I won't. I'm currently trying to wrap my mind around asking the local butchers for a kilo of lamb chops. One mind strain a day is enough ...

Oh and sorry - no photos. That's tomorrow. Graveyard pics. Wooooooo. Dead people.

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