Lisbon Drifter

Welcome to Lisbon Drifter - a virtual corner of Lisbon,Portugal, seen through the eyes of an assinine Brit with an eye on irony and a mind dipped in satire. The site will also include a mini Lisbon guide, Lisbon travel info, Lisbon photos, a Lisbon map, info relating to Lisbon airport and also how to both live and work here.

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Laura@movetoportugal said...

Hi and thanks for the comment on my site :-)

I've read your about page - we have a lot in common, all apart from #3!

Drifter said...

Ahhh you're welcome Laura. I noted on your 'about' page that you love books and wear flip flops. Same here :)

And I'll be back to visit. I expect you to land here one day.